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Words From Founder/Artistic Director on COVID-19

Hello Davis Dance Friends and Family,
Everyone here at Davis Dance has been following the progression of the coronavirus as it affects not only our Colorado communities, but communities all over the world. We share in the collective thoughts of many in our local and national arts community that the safety and health of our dance family is important to us. 
We’ve made the easy decision to hit pause on Season 12, as we follow the CDC’s advice on social distancing and governor Polis' state wide order to Stay at Home, aiming to do our part in helping to keep our community healthy. We have suspended our performance of "Davis Dance at DSA," "Davis Dance Next Generation Summer Concert of Dance” (May 16th), and “A Summer Night of Dance" (May 15th - 17th) at the Elaine Wolf Theatre. Even in the devastating suspension of our season, we still honored our commitment to our artists and will compensate them for the concerts that won't happen. Working artists need all the financial support they can get at this time, and Davis Dance will not let our dancers down.
With so much unknown surrounding the coronavirus, we are cautiously moving forward in all decisions concerning Season 12 and beyond for Davis Dance in the hopes that we can pick up where we left off and get back to creating “Dance that Feeds Your Soul.” Like many arts organizations, this stop in operations and cancellation of performances is going to have a huge impact on our revenue, budget, fundraising efforts and resources. We will need your support and prayers.
Please keep the artists of Davis Dance close to your hearts. Davis Dance is a company of working and pre-professional artists that will be affected tremendously by the pandemic. If not ` Dance, please find ways to support your friends in the arts during this time. Donating already bought tickets to shows is a small way to help, but makes a huge impact in the long run. 
Lastly, be kind to one another. Check in on your neighbors, especially the elderly and people with suppressed immune systems, and try to keep calm. We have to hold each other up in times like this. We all can make a great impact by staying home!

Terrell Davis :)
Founder/Artistic Director
Davis Contemporary Dance Company
“Dance That Feeds Your Soul”
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