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Wow, what a ride we’ve been on in 2020. So much has changed and the normal functions of our everyday way of living, learning, creating, and playing are drastically different than we ever could have imagined. Arts communities all over the world have been devastated by the global pandemic. No one is exempt from the loss, frustrations, unpredictability, and disappointment we've had to live with in its wake. Also, the  pandemic along with the racial reconstruction happening in our country reminds us all that communities can’t thrive unless every person is seen, heard, and considered important for its survival. Our country's much needed conversations and actions surrounding race relations are overdue and hopefully we will usher in this new chapter of change, advancement, diversity, and repair for the African American Community.

We are living in a time when theaters have closed their doors, the intermission has been extended to an unspecified end time, and the ghost lights are holding down the fort in our absence. Sadly, Dancers, Choreographers, Lighting Designers, Stage Managers, Technical Directors, Stage Crews, House Managers, Ushers, Security Guards, Maintenance Personnel, and Producers are all out of work. The Entertainment/Arts community is suffering. Are we the people that know how to survive? Yes, but it doesn’t make it easier for anyone. We’re a very optimistic tribe. We are creative, adaptable, and able to make magic with very little, but the reality of our current situation is taking a toll on our community. Can Davis Dance conquer this? Yes we can!


What’s next for Davis Dance? We are looking to the future in three phases to help us recover and return to offering the ground breaking, innovative, thought provoking, collaborative, and excellent “Dance That Feeds Your Soul” that our company is known for. Our three phases of rising back to glory are:


Our overflowing hope is for a successful and connected season is . Season 13 is going to be spectacular! Davis Dance's relentless drive to succeed has propelled our organization to reach it’s 13th season. We are young in years, but mature in rich art, passion, and undeniably great dance. Hope is one of the things that everyone is holding on to at this time. As the Founder/Artistic Director of Davis Dance, I’m working tirelessly with our Board of Directors to sustain our organization and all its amazing components. We are still planning a full and eventful 13th season, starting with a month of out of the box fundraising events.  October is going to be the month of everything Davis Dance related and give our patrons the opportunity to “Fall Back in Love with Davis Dance.” We are planning a backyard neighborhood carnival of fun and games with prizes, an elegant virtual wine tasting hosted by Blanchard Family Wines, a community master class, and our “Ritzy Rub” roaring 20’s themed virtual gala that will knock your socks off. All events will benefit Davis Dance as well as the Bags Of Fun, the Gabby Krause Foundation for ill children. We're roaring into 20/21!



Davis Dance has always considered itself as the little engine that could, never letting any obstacles stand in our way. Always pushing forward no matter our short falls and limitations. We are always pushing forward no matter our short falls and limitations. We work with a small budget, but produce the same caliber work as some full time dance companies. Our work reaches into the hearts of many communities and sets us apart from the pack. We have a company of professional dancers that are unique, diverse, and inclusive. Our Board of Directors reflects those same values. This is one of the things that makes Davis Dance so special. We love and live every part of our mission out loud! Resilience is part of our DNA.


Davis Dance is determined to survive the unpredictable, unstable, and unknown world we are currently living in. As the Founder/Artistic Director I know it's my responsibility to keep the art form of dance alive, to create performance opportunities for dancers that need employment in our community, to provide collaborative work for lighting and scenic designers, and rent space in our struggling theaters so that their staff can return to work to support their families. 

Davis Dance is determined to take its place once again as Denver’s premiere Contemporary Jazz Dance Company. Our 13th season may be unconventional, but we will continue to soldier forward. We will deliver our master class series from dance masters in our industry throughout the season, open company classes to stay connected and engaged within our community. And when we’re allowed to return to the theatre, we will produce amazing dance performances that Davis Dance is known for. Our determination is steadfast and unwavering! Check out our October Events Page

The future may be unknown, but we are excited to see what's in store for Davis Dance. Our dancers are excited to be back in your lives, lifting your families up, warming your hearts with dance, and being the light in the darkness. Davis Contemporary Dance Company is looking forward and not backwards. We will return to the theatre when our extended intermission is over with Hope, Resilience, and Determination to give you more of “Dance That Feeds Your Soul”




Terrell Davis :)

Founder/Artistic Director

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